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Should You Try The Ketogenic Diet?

The most popular current diet trend is undoubtedly the ketogenic diet.  A ketogenic diet is one that derives 80% or more of its calories from fat, and the remaining 20% from protein and carbohydrates. When an individual strictly follows this form of dieting, their body enters a state of ketosis, which means the body begins to use fats as its primary source of fuel rather than sugar.

Does the ketogenic diet deserve all of the hype it’s getting? As always, it depends! One diet never fits all and while the ketogenic diet can be beneficial for some, it can also be unhealthy for others. Here is a breakdown of the positives and negatives from keeping this type of diet. 


  • Improves insulin resistance and blood sugar control

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Can promote weight loss

  • Can increase energy levels


  • Restrictive and difficult to maintain long term

  • May increase stress hormones

  • Many end up relying on unhealthy sources of fat

  • Low intake of fruits and vegetables could result in nutrient deficiencies with long-term use

If you are interested in trying the ketogenic diet, it’s best to work with a healthcare practitioner to make sure it’s the right fit for you. More importantly, if you try the ketogenic diet and you do not feel good, stop! There is no perfect diet for everyone and you may need to find an alternative solution for your own unique body and circumstance.